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What is a Care Manager?

Care managers are professionals who specialize in advocacy and coordination of the care for individuals with disabilities, complex medical conditions, or other healthcare needs. They work with patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers to develop and implement personalized care plans that address the unique needs and goals of each individual.

Life Planning

At times peering into the future can be daunting to those who experience life with a disability or changing cognitive status. With so much relying on benefits, housing, financial resources and in-person care, it can be hard to trust that you are secure. By creating a comprehensive assessment, we ensure you have done everything possible to be 100% prepared for life now and in the future.


Frequently our clients request advocacy within the health or social services system. Whether you or your loved one are looking for placement within a residential facility or are currently living one, it takes a lot to ensure you continue to receive the highest standard of care and that autonomy is protected. We make in person visits to care facilities and homes to monitor care and to hold all support systems to the highest standards. 

Care Management

With this service, your care manager attends medical appointments and facility meetings related to your care to ensure that your team has a comprehensive summary of next steps such as prescriptions and education from the provider. Too often as medical needs change, there is a lack of communication. Large residential facilities require a point person to ensure the highest level of care is communicated and followed. Whenever you work with AB Clinical Care Management you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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Fee Structure

We believe in total transparency including sharing a straight forward fee structure up front. Services are $140 per hour which can include travel time, phone calls, report writing, and email correspondence. Tasks that take less than an hour are billed at increments of the hourly rate. Mileage is reimbursed at current IRS rate.

About the Founder

Marcie Wicks, MA, BCBA, LBS


For over a decade, I have collaborated with individuals, families, and professionals to support the complex process of creating a plan for life for people with disabilities. My goals are to establish what each individual values and ensure that they have access to all benefits, entitlements, and resources to promote the highest quality of life. We only make referrals to the best programs, doctors, residential placements, estate planners, trust officers, and benefits specialists in the tri state area.

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